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Tim Herode Positions Tim Herode - Positions
Gubernatorial Candidate (Republican)

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21. Under what circumstances do you believe abortion should be permitted?

Tim Herode: "None."

22. What is your position on homosexual marriage?

Tim Herode: "My position is the Word of God. Marriage is between a man and a woman based on God’s design, not man’s medical reassignments."

23. If elected, what remedies will you advocate for our healthcare system?

Tim Herode: "First of all, healthcare will be given to citizens only. Implement “Favored Nations Clause” to help seniors and all with prescription drug costs. Propose to block gender reassignment being covered at any level of insurance. Implement alternative remedies like neurological chiropractic care when it makes sense for patients instead of using multiple drugs that have side effects, are very dangerous, costly, and ineffective in some cases."

24. If elected, what remedies will you advocate against the opioid crisis?

Tim Herode: "My team and I are researching this matter to determine the facts around it. Having said that, using a commonsense approach to prevent addiction is first and foremost."

25. If elected, what remedies will you advocate against poverty and income inequality?

Tim Herode: "First of all, everyone has the ability to create income, with the exception of those with a handicap of some nature. I do not believe that we need to pay people because of their race and ethnic background. What we need is to stop enabling people to become dependent on government handouts, and implement REAL education instead of social correctness indoctrination. Most teenagers do not know what it means to balance a checkbook. They don’t even know what a checkbook register is. Most teenagers have never used a saw, hammer or drill. Let’s bring effective education back to the school house that prepares EVERYONE for the REAL world. Instead of allowing unions to indoctrinate our children, educate them for the future and equip them to enter the workforce."

26. If elected, what remedies will you advocate against illegal immigration?

Tim Herode: "End California’s sanctuary state status, but also create pathways for current illegal immigrants who really wanted to do things the right way but couldn’t due to burdensome immigration policies. We will also work with businesses and create incentives for them to help illegal immigrants who wish to become citizens do so rather than making it more difficult for them. This will mean lowering payroll taxes as well for business owners who would otherwise end up paying under the table to protect their business cash flow. Securing our borders will protect families from violent criminals and help in the fight against sex trafficking."

27. If elected, what remedies will you advocate to protect religious liberties?

Tim Herode: "I will work fearlessly to defend our First Amendment rights."

28. If elected, what remedies will you advocate against the internet monopolies Facebook censoring Christian content and Google demonetizing Christian websites?

Tim Herode: "This will have to be done mostly at the federal level but I most certainly will work with like-minded officials to create local laws to fight against this as well."

29. What other issues are priorities for your constituents and what remedies will you advocate to address them?

Tim Herode: "Forest management and smart water by desalination. Our homes, family memories, businesses, human lives, forests have all been lost because we refuse to clean up the fuel in our forests. California has had a water shortage for years while being right next to a body of water known as the Pacific Ocean. If we can build rockets, we can create reservoirs deep in our forests and areas that our first-responders have trouble reaching. Additionally, create an earth dampening system to offset dry conditions. We don’t want wildfires at all but when they occur, we want to contain them quickly with state-of-the-art technology rather than the equivalent of garden hoses."

30. What else would you like to share?

Tim Herode: "We will create a pathway for school choice, allowing state funds to follow students to the school of their parent or guardian’s choice. We will divert taxpayer dollars back to their original intent, away from lobbyists and other politicians who do not have in mind the best interests of We the People.
We will partner with non-profit organizations to offer solutions to the willing who wish to have a brighter future, not perpetuate an unhealthy lifestyle that neither works for the individual nor the community that endures the associated costs and blight. In addition, we clean up our business districts and residential areas to bring back their beauty and protect citizens.

Lastly, I’m not a politician. I am running because of my faith and God called me to serve We The People. God willing, I will Restore California by serving with integrity, transparency and accountability, with His help and guidance."

Before God and aware of the gravity of Revelation 21:8, I affirm my answers to all thirty questions above to be entirely true and without exaggeration.


Timothy Paul Herode (Tim)

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