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Tim Herode Beliefs Tim Herode - Beliefs
Gubernatorial Candidate (Republican)

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11. Do you believe Jesus always has been God?

Tim Herode: "Yes."

12. Do you believe Jesus was born of a virgin?

Tim Herode: "Yes."

13. Do you believe Jesus died on the cross, and if so, what did His death accomplish?

Tim Herode: "Yes. Jesus was the ultimate, pure sacrifice for ALL sin for ALL mankind, ONCE and for ALL. He took the power from Satan of sin and death, We who believe “were” healed by His stripes, His blood cleansed us and has given us the right to become the sons of God because His death on the cross has made us righteous before God the Father."

14. Do you believe Jesus rose from the dead, and if so, what is its significance?

Tim Herode: "Yes. Had He not risen from the dead, we would have no hope. He completed the Law and is seated at the right hand of the Father, and now there is no other name under heaven given to mankind to which we must be saved."

15. Do you believe Jesus ascended to heaven?

Tim Herode: "Yes."

16. Do you believe Jesus will return someday?

Tim Herode: "Absolutely!"

17. By what criterion do you believe people go to heaven?

Tim Herode: "Those who do not give up the faith and trust Him to the end."

18. By what criterion do you believe people go to hell?

Tim Herode: "Those who deny Jesus as Lord and do not accept His work on the cross."

19. How many books does the God-inspired, error-free Bible contain?

Tim Herode: "66."

20. The beliefs of which well-known Christian leader alive today resemble your beliefs?

Tim Herode: "Billy Graham, Robert Morris."
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