Terry Baxter - Positions

Terry Baxter Positions Terry Baxter - Positions
State House of Representatives (Republican)
Iowa House District 8

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21. Under what circumstances do you believe abortion should be permitted?

Terry Baxter: "I am opposed to abortion for any reason, but in Iowa I debated for and supported the Heartbeat Bill with rape, fetal anomalies, incest and life of the mother as exceptions to get the bill through the House of Representatives and to the Governor. I recognize the bill does not mandate abortion for any reason."

22. What is your position on homosexual marriage?

Terry Baxter: "I do not see homosexual marriage as being Biblical."

23. If (re-)elected, what remedies will you advocate for our healthcare system?

Terry Baxter: "Healthcare is a broken system that needs huge personal responsibility for lifestyle issues. I believe government or the church should take care of the poor and disabled, but also believe individuals need to be self responsible. I like basic care options where local providers can provide all in office medical care for a flat fee of $200 to $300 a month and then wrap a catastrophic insurance plan around it."

24. If (re-)elected, what remedies will you advocate against the opioid crisis?

Terry Baxter: "We have worked on this in Iowa and need to hold doctors responsible for the way they prescribe medications and have a data bank to track patient abuse from multiple doctors."

25. If (re-)elected, what remedies will you advocate against poverty and income inequality?

Terry Baxter: "I believe in entitlement reform and self sustenance. We also need education reform that actually prepares the work force for real jobs. I want any assistance program to be lower than what can be earned at minimum wage with a graduated incentive plan to cut back assistance as employment compensation grows."

26. If (re-)elected, what remedies will you advocate against illegal immigration?

Terry Baxter: "I believe we should simply apply the same immigration laws for immigrants as their country of origin has to aliens coming to their country. The means strong borders, background checks, legal paper work and proof of education or potential income."

27. If (re-)elected, what remedies will you advocate to protect religious liberties?

Terry Baxter: "We need a Religious Freedom of Reformation Act passed and respected by government."

28. If (re-)elected, what remedies will you advocate against the internet monopolies Facebook censoring Christian content and Google demonetizing Christian websites?

Terry Baxter: "We need a fairness act that fines and penalizes all censorship for political reasons or motives. This requires a complaint and review board."

29. What other issues are priorities for your constituents and what remedies will you advocate to address them?

Terry Baxter: "I want to protect the 2nd Amendment and the rights to hunting, fishing and outdoor activities. I would like to dismantle the department of education and turn it back to local authority and free choice in education. (It has become a breeding ground for liberalism.) I would like to see criminal justice reform and equal prosecution under the law for white collar and political agenda offenders. I want to see Roe Vs Wade overturned and the state to recognize the personhood of the unborn. I would like to see a flat tax that taxes all citizens at the same rate with no loopholes."

30. What else would you like to share?

Terry Baxter: "I am currently the only ordained pastor serving in the Iowa Legislature. I am not a political activist. I am called to be salt and light to the mission field of those in public service. I see it as a valid and often neglected mission field. My goal is to represent and defend a Biblical World View while consistently living out the fruit of the Spirit. Because Iowa is a part time legislature, I continue to work diligently on my world evangelism calling when not is session."

Personal Beliefs Positions

Before God and aware of the gravity of Revelation 21:8, I affirm my answers to all thirty questions above to be entirely true and without exaggeration.


Terry Baxter
State Representative
Iowa House District 8

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