Terry Baxter - Beliefs

Terry Baxter Beliefs Terry Baxter - Beliefs
State House of Representatives (Republican)
Iowa House District 8

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11. Do you believe Jesus always has been God?

Terry Baxter: "Yes, John 1:1-14."

12. Do you believe Jesus was born of a virgin?

Terry Baxter: "Yes."

13. Do you believe Jesus died on the cross, and if so, what did His death accomplish?

Terry Baxter: "He became my substitute payment for sin and fully paid my debt."

14. Do you believe Jesus rose from the dead, and if so, what is its significance?

Terry Baxter: "His resurrection proved His Deity (Romans 1:4) and ushered us into new life over the power of sin (Romans 6-8)."

15. Do you believe Jesus ascended to heaven?

Terry Baxter: "Yes."

16. Do you believe Jesus will return someday?

Terry Baxter: "Yes, and I am looking forward to that event."

17. By what criterion do you believe people go to heaven?

Terry Baxter: "Born again by saving faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior."

18. By what criterion do you believe people go to hell?

Terry Baxter: "Not being born again."

19. How many books does the God-inspired, error-free Bible contain?

Terry Baxter: "66."

20. The beliefs of which well-known Christian leader alive today resemble your beliefs?

Terry Baxter: "Franklin Graham, Tony Evans, Josh McDowell, John Maxwell, Erwin Lutzer, etc. I have a very long list of current evangelicals I praise God for and emulate."
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