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Stacy George Positions Stacy George - Positions
Gubernatorial Candidate (Republican)

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15.  What do you pray to God for/about our nation?

Stacy George:  "I pray for justice for people in prison and outside the prison. I do not feel many get real justice. As Governor, I have ideas on ways to bring justice and liberty back to Alabama."

16.  How do you define "marriage"?

Stacy George:  "A covenant relationship between man and woman, NOT man and man or woman and woman."

17.  Under what circumstances do you believe abortion should be allowed?

Stacy George:  "NEVER."

18.  What remedies do you advocate against illegal immigration?

Stacy George:  "Alabama would adopt a mile on the border and secure it with the National Guard."

19.  Where can the rest of your policy positions be read?

Stacy George:  "On my website stacyleegeorge.com and my book Let Stacy Lee George Do It. If you go to my website for the book letstacyleegeorgedoit.com, you can view a free 10-page excerpt of the book and more information. After you read my book you will see how as Morgan County Commissioner for 2 terms, I was able to weed out corruption and save tax payers money, and not just 'talk' about it."

20.  What would you like to say to Alabama's Christian voters?

Stacy George:  "PRAY before you vote and GOD will give you the answer of whom to vote for."

"Before God, I affirm my answers above to be entirely true and without exaggeration."

Stacy Lee George


Personal Beliefs Positions