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Rey Gonzalez Beliefs Rey Gonzalez - Beliefs
U.S. House of Representatives (Republican)
Texas Congressional District 34

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11. Do you believe Jesus always has been God?

Rey Gonzalez: "Yes."

12. Do you believe Jesus was born of a virgin?

Rey Gonzalez: "Yes."

13. Do you believe Jesus died on the cross, and if so, what did His death accomplish?

Rey Gonzalez: "Yes. Jesus’ death accomplished the redemption of humanity, restoring intimacy with God which sin had previously managed to interrupt."

14. Do you believe Jesus rose from the dead, and if so, what is its significance?

Rey Gonzalez: "Yes. Jesus’ resurrection is every Christian’s blessed hope. Christ’s triumph over death made His sacrifice on the cross a permanent victory over sin. Those of us who have trusted in Him can be confident that the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead will raise us as well."

15. Do you believe Jesus ascended to heaven?

Rey Gonzalez: "Yes."

16. Do you believe Jesus will return someday?

Rey Gonzalez: "Yes."

17. By what criterion do you believe people go to heaven?

Rey Gonzalez: "People go to heaven by trusting in Jesus, God’s only son, as the only and sufficient savior of the world. “Trusting in Jesus” is not just a single event. It is a single event of receiving Jesus as savior followed by a desire, from that point forward, to live in such a way that honors Him in everything we say and do."

18. By what criterion do you believe people go to hell?

Rey Gonzalez: "My personal, sincerely-held belief is that heaven is too holy a place to receive people stained with sin. Only saints (of which there are none, see Psalm 14:3, Matthew 19:16) or forgiven persons, therefore, can enter heaven. People go to hell by rejecting the gift of forgiveness of sins offered by the only source for such forgiveness – Jesus."

19. How many books does the God-inspired, error-free Bible contain?

Rey Gonzalez: "66."

20. The beliefs of which well-known Christian leader alive today resemble your beliefs?

Rey Gonzalez: "Rev. John Hagee, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Rev. Dr. Richard Land (President, Southern Evangelical Seminary)."
Personal Beliefs Positions