Ralph Rebandt - Christian Testimony

Ralph Rebandt Christian Testimony Ralph Rebandt - Christian Testimony
Gubernatorial Candidate (Republican)

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1.  When and how did you become a Christian?

Ralph Rebandt:  "I made a profession of faith at First Baptist Church of Trenton, Michigan when I was almost five years old. Our pastor gave a call to the congregation to place our faith in Jesus Christ. I responded and was interviewed. I was asked questions regarding sin, confession of sin, and faith in Jesus Christ as the only Savior and way to the Father. I received Jesus as my personal Savior and was baptized."

2.  How did becoming a Christian change you?

Ralph Rebandt:  "From my earliest years I’ve had a desire to please Jesus, my Savior. My parents were exemplary Christian role models and were faithful in instilling in me biblical truth and calling me to be obedient to the teachings of Jesus in all areas of my life."

3.  How would you describe your relationship with Jesus today?

Ralph Rebandt:  "My faith in Jesus Christ has grown since the seed of faith was planted in my heart as a young boy. Today, I have a mature and vibrant relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ. I have always told people that the only person that I want to please at the end of the day is the person that I will meet at the end of my life. I’m thankful that the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see the light of the gospel. There is no greater joy than to know that I know Jesus, but most importantly that He knows me."

4.  Which church in which city do you attend most often?

Ralph Rebandt:  "I have been the lead pastor of Oakland Hills Community Church in Farmington Hills, Michigan for the past 35 years."

5.  In the past 12 months, how many church services have you attended?

Ralph Rebandt:  "My wife and I attend morning worship each and every Sunday morning. While traveling on the campaign trail, we have continued the regular practice of worship on Sundays. In addition, many churches in Michigan have requested me to preach a single sermon or multiple sermons at their Sunday morning worship, Sunday evening service, or to speak in Sunday Bible classes or mid-week events in different churches. I also attend various prayer meetings throughout the month."

6.  In the past 12 months, how much time have you spent in prayer to God daily?

Ralph Rebandt:  "I have daily devotions, usually in the morning. I suspect the average prayer length is 20-25 minutes, however as the Apostle Paul instructs us to “pray without ceasing,” I often pray while driving or during other times of the day as well. My wife and I spend about 15 -20 minutes in prayer together each day as well. I attend many zoom or prayer calls put out by various organizations. It is also a custom for my wife and I to “pray the word” by reading a portion of the Bible and praying over it."

7.  In the past 12 months, how much Bible reading have you averaged daily?

Ralph Rebandt:  "I usually read an Old Testament and New Testament chapter a day. This past year, my wife and I have studied together the books of Nehemiah, Ecclesiastes, Daniel, I Timothy, Psalms, and Proverbs with portions of the Gospels in December and prior to Easter."
Personal Beliefs Positions