Joyce Krawiec - Christian Testimony

Joyce Krawiec Joyce Krawiec - Christian Testimony
State Senator (Republican)
North Carolina Senate District 31

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1. When and how did you become a Christian?

Joyce Krawiec: "I accepted Christ as a young child at a small Pentecostal church in SC and was baptized in the creek in Darlington, SC."

2. How did becoming Christian change you?

Joyce Krawiec: "I began to depend on God for solace and comfort in a very troubled home environment."

3. How would you describe your relationship with Jesus today?

Joyce Krawiec: "Jesus, is my everything. My friend, my father, my mentor, all that I need."

4. In the past 12 months, how much time have you spent in prayer with Jesus daily?

Joyce Krawiec: "I spend lots of time in my car. I call it my "prayer chamber." I commute several hours many days and spend most of the time in prayer. My time communing with God is the best time of the day."

5. In the past 12 months, how much Bible reading have you averaged daily?

Joyce Krawiec: "Not nearly enough. I usually have a daily Bible study in the early mornings. Usually 10 minutes or so on average."

6. In the past 12 months, what percentage of your income have you returned to God?

Joyce Krawiec: "Tithing is important. While I haven't always given 10%, for selfish reasons, the past year has been financially challenging. In this past year, I have given considerably more than 10% of income."

7. In the past 12 months, how many non-Christians have you told why Jesus died?

Joyce Krawiec: "Not sure how many, but certainly I share the Gospel and salvation of Jesus at every opportunity."

8. In the past 12 months, how many church services have you attended?

Joyce Krawiec: "I regularly attend every Sunday and Wednesday evening. While traveling, I miss Wednesday's. Likely averaged 6 per month. 72 services."

9. Which church in which town do you attend most regularly?

Joyce Krawiec: "First Christian Church in Kernersville, NC."

10. Which gift(s) has the Holy Spirit given to you and what fruit(s) have they borne?

Joyce Krawiec: "I am gifted beyond belief to serve in the NC Senate. Definitely I am only qualified as a gift from God. He has led me to author legislation that could not be possible without His guidance."
Personal Beliefs Positions