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U.S. Senate (Republican)

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15.  What do you pray to God for/about our nation?

Heath Loftis:  "That He remains longsuffering toward us, to remain unwilling that any should perish but that all come to repentance. To let there be a stay of judgment just long enough to reach a few more. Judgment is inevitable. He has given us today, tomorrow is not promised. All we have is today to reach those we love with the gospel."

16.  How do you define "marriage"?

Heath Loftis:  "The way that Jesus did when He referenced Genesis 2:24 - 'Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.' "

17.  Under what circumstances do you believe abortion should be allowed?

Heath Loftis:  "None. A child is a person at conception without exceptions. Ectopic pregnancies are not abortions. They are another procedure entirely."

18.  What remedies do you advocate against illegal immigration?

Heath Loftis:  "Enforce the laws of deportation and the expeditious prosecution of illegal entry. No more of this arraigning a court date a year later that they don't show up for. Deportation should be immediate."

19.  Where can the rest of your policy positions be read?

Heath Loftis:  "I can derive every one of the policies I would advocate for completely with the Scriptures: PastorHeathLoftis.com."

20.  What would you like to say to Arkansas' Christian voters?

Heath Loftis:  "I'm not going to Washington to give them hell, they already have that. I'm going to give them Jesus, and if they won't receive Him and choose to die in their sin, they will go to hell. I'm not going there to conform to their way of thinking. I'm going there with the foundation that all our freedoms were based on the Scriptures."

"Before God, I affirm my answers above to be entirely true and without exaggeration."

Heath Loftis


Personal Beliefs Positions