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U.S. Senate (Republican)

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8.  Do you believe Jesus always has been both God and the Son of God?

Heath Loftis:  "He is from everlasting. Coequal and Coeternal. 'If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father.' "

9.  Why did Jesus die on the cross?

Heath Loftis:  "He died to satisfy God's wrath and justice concerning our sins so that we COULD be forgiven. So that God could be just in punishing sin but also merciful to all who accept His Son."

10.  Do you believe Jesus rose from the dead?

Heath Loftis:  "If I didn't, I'd be above all men most miserable. I'd also be a liar for saying God raised Him from the dead, Whom He raised not. So ABSOLUTELY."

11.  Do you believe Jesus ascended to heaven and will return someday?

Heath Loftis:  "He is seated at the right hand of the Father making intercession for me. He is coming again FOR His saints, and He is coming again to rule and reign WITH His saints."

12.  By what criterion do you believe people go to heaven?

Heath Loftis:  "If they believe that Jesus died for their sins according to the Scriptures, was buried, and rose again according to the Scriptures. If they believe that Jesus would save them from their sins, if asked. Believing this, they call on the name of the Lord, they are then saved."

13.  In the past year, how many non-Christians have you told why Jesus died?

Heath Loftis:  "Can't quantify. Aired commercials that bore this message, along with preaching, and teaching, and campaigning."

14.  Which gift(s) has the Holy Spirit given you, and what fruit(s) has it borne?

Heath Loftis:  "Evangelism, knowledge, and teaching. It bears itself out in the office of pastor as well in every context where we are doing Bible study or given an opportunity to speak to any crowd."
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