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Deborah Honeycutt Positions Deborah Honeycutt - Positions
U.S. House of Representatives (Republican)
Georgia Congressional District 13

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21. Under what circumstances, if any, do you believe abortion should be permitted?

Deborah Honeycutt: "None. I am ardently Pro Life. Abortion is a national offense. It has cost the lives of over 46 million innocent little boys and girls since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. My commitment is to protect the most innocent, defenseless, and vulnerable humans among us – the unborn babies. As an African American, I am appalled that 1,452 African American babies are aborted every single day in America! This means that 12,000,000 African American lives have been destroyed since Roe v. Wade in 1973. That means that in just three days more blacks are killed by abortion than were killed by lynching in nearly 100 years. This means that the African American population has been decimated by 25% because of abortion."

22. What is your position on same sex marriage?

Deborah Honeycutt: "Against. I support amending the Constitution to define marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman. As an African American, I profoundly take exception to the fact that our great historic Civil Rights Movement is being hijacked by the homosexual movement! I disagree with their portrayal of gay rights as identical to the struggle for racial equality and justice."

23. What is your position on prayers and Bible studies in schools, and why?

Deborah Honeycutt: "Should be permitted. It is a positive impact on character."

24. If (re-)elected, what will you seek to do about (Internet) pornography and the violence in the media, and how?

Deborah Honeycutt: "Restricted access by requiring registration and validation prior to viewing."

25. If (re-)elected, what will you seek to do about our health care system, and how?

Deborah Honeycutt: "Focus on access, prevention and patient care."

26. If (re-)elected, what will you seek to do about poverty and corporate greed & how?

Deborah Honeycutt: "Place emphasis on non government approaches and regulation."

27. If (re-)elected, what will you seek to achieve in Iraq and Afghanistan, and how?

Deborah Honeycutt: "Better management of the current situation."

28. If (re-)elected, what will you seek to achieve in Iran and North Korea, and how?

Deborah Honeycutt: "Non nuclear countries."

29. What other issue is a key priority for your constituents and how will you resolve it?

Deborah Honeycutt: "Education, Crime reduction, family values."

30. What qualifies you as the best person to represent your constituents?

Deborah Honeycutt: "Honesty, integrity and faith. I pose to you this question: Will you, your family, and your congregation’s members be best represented by someone who shares your values or by someone who does not vote according to biblical values? As a member of Congress, I will not leave my convictions and my faith at the door of the House chamber. I will vote on moral issues according to biblical principles, not like many current Members of Congress. My worldview is based upon biblical principles; from where do they derive their values? Also I am deeply concerned that there are groups who are determined to obliterate Judeo-Christian morality from public life in America. It is often said: “Morality cannot be legislated.” Well, that is pure nonsense! Legislation is the codification of morality. The crucial question is: Whose morality? I appreciate your prayers as I run for Congress. Please encourage your members to register to vote. If more Christians vote based on biblical principles, then the future course of our nation can be changed for the good."

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Deborah Travis Honeycutt, M.D.

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