Christian Voters

Christian Voters

America must turn back to God. That will require repentance in our churches but also our government to be led by more true Christians.
To help your Christian Governor, Lieutenant Governor, U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, State Senator, State Representative, another elected leader or their Christian challenger to receive more votes, campaign funds and prayers, please contact and refer them to this invitation.

Please do the same if an incumbent or their challenger identifies himself or herself as a Christian and you are curious to read their Christian testimony.

If you appreciate the testimonies shared by the incumbents or their challengers, please support them with prayers and funds as God leads you even if they represent another town, district or state. The need for more Christians to lead our government is national.

If anyone you contact wavers about testifying about their Savior, please refer them to this reminder. And if you recognize any claim in any testimony presented online to be false, please advise.

If the candidates you support win, please continue to cover them with prayers so that they might serve with God-given wisdom, courage and righteousness, and resist the temptations of power. If the candidates you support lose, please pray for and encourage them, including to perhaps run again. Many win on subsequent tries.

Most importantly, please pray to God to raise up more Christians to lead our nation, bless current leaders with wisdom and obedience to Him, grant repentance to America and turn us back to Him.

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