Barbara Arthur - Positions

Barbara Arthur Positions Barbara Arthur - Positions
U.S. House of Representatives (Republican)
South Carolina Congressional District 07

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15.  What do you pray to God for/about our nation?

Barbara Arthur:  "Because I was born in Cuba and my family and I were greatly affected by it, I pray for His mercy. The socialism highway these godless politicians have us on will lead to a totalitarian Communist form of government. I know my Father’s voice. My job right now is to tell everyone I come into contact with, “Communism is here (in America) and God is our only hope."

16.  How do you define "marriage"?

Barbara Arthur:  "Marriage is a holy union between a man and a woman."

17.  Under what circumstances do you believe abortion should be allowed?

Barbara Arthur:  "That is a tough question. If I say only when the mother’s life is in danger, then we’re killing the child. I do not know."

18.  What remedies do you advocate against illegal immigration?

Barbara Arthur:  "Military force against the Mexican cartels, build the wall, and deportation at the border."

19.  Where can the rest of your policy positions be read?

Barbara Arthur:  "BarbaraArthurForCongress.com."

20.  What would you like to say to the Christian voters in South Carolina's 7th Congressional District?

Barbara Arthur:  "Our country is at war from within. Biden and his socialist administration seek to lead us to a totalitarian form of government. If you call yourself a Christian, then get in the fight. Do what you can to help our country from this administration’s socialist agenda, run for office, work the polls, or get involved in a campaign to save our country and freedom."

"Before God, I affirm my answers above to be entirely true and without exaggeration."

Barbara Arthur
So help me God!


Personal Beliefs Positions