Your Christian Testimony

Sharing Your Christian Testimony

Your Christian testimony is important because your beliefs shape not only your values and character, but also your policies on key issues that face your constituents and our nation.

If you are Christian and serving or seeking to serve as Governor, Senator or Congressmen, you are invited to share your Christian testimony. Simply copy these questions onto an email, reply to them and email from your campaign email address to info@godvoter.com.

Your testimony should be accurate, honest (see Acts 5:1-11), concise and may include elements from statements issued to other organizations but please do not attach or link such documents; at the end of your testimony*, a link will direct the voters to the home page of your campaign or elected office website).

We trust your time spent with the Lord to testify about Him will be blessed, look forward to receiving your testimony, and thank you in advance for your true leadership.


* We reserve the right to decline or remove it for inappropriate language, content or any other reason.

Why Share Your Testimony?