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Jun Policarpio of New York (05) - Platform

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21. Under what circumstances, if any, do you believe abortion should
be permitted?

Jun Policarpio: "None."

22. What is your position on same sex marriage?

Jun Policarpio: "Against."

23. What is your position on prayers and Bible studies in schools, and why?

Jun Policarpio: "Definitely in favor. I believe character education should be part of the school curriculum."

24. If (re-)elected, what will you seek to do about (Internet) pornography and the violence in the media, and how?

Jun Policarpio: "To be regulated. Congress to pass legislation to regulate it, particularly to be off limits to children."

25. If (re-)elected, what will you seek to do about our health care system, and how?

Jun Policarpio: "Tax incentives to healthcare providers who offer affordable premium."

26. If (re-)elected, what will you seek to do about poverty and corporate greed & how?

Jun Policarpio: "Tax inducements to the wealthy to establish job-creating businesses. Harsher penalties for those who commit corporate greed."

27. If (re-)elected, what will you seek to achieve in Iraq and Afghanistan, and how?

Jun Policarpio: "To win the war against terror and strengthen democratic institutions in the two countries."

28. If (re-)elected, what will you seek to achieve in Iran and North Korea, and how?

Jun Policarpio: "I will help in denying them possession of nuclear arms through cooperating with the anti-proliferation agreement observed by the free world."

29. What other issue is a key priority for your constituents and how will you resolve it?

Jun Policarpio: "Immigration reform. There is urgent need to expedite backlogged immigration applications and deportation cases. Let the criminal aliens be deported and the legal aliens join the labor force; in so doing, the underground economy of illegal aliens will be dismantled. On the other hand, the legal workers will pay their share in the Social Security lockbox that is currently being depleted upon the retirement of the 'baby boomers.'"

30. What qualifies you as the best person to represent your constituents?

Jun Policarpio: "I have lived with my constituents since 1973. I have common problems, demands, needs, and aspirations with them. I always hope that proper legislations would be passed to ease such problems. When I go to Congress, I believe I am the the better representative of my constituents."

Before God, I affirm my answers above to be true and without embellishment or exaggeration.

Jun Policarpio
New York’s 5th Congressional District

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