Christian Testimonies

Christian Testimonies & More

If your Governor, Senators, Congressman or their opponents are or claim to be Christian, please invite them to share their Christian testimony. As a constituent, you can call their office or email and refer them to our submit testimony and personal testimony pages. Since many incumbents take calls and emails only from their constituents, your help is critical.

As for the Christian incumbents and candidates whose testimonies you appreciate, we encourage you to support them with prayers, actions and donations even if they represent another district or state. Our need for more Christians in government is national.

To read the Christian testimonies posted, please click on your state and then on the names that link to their testimonies, as well as the latest testimonies page.

We hope you will find these testimonies inspiring, helpful to your voting decisions, and thank you for your help*. May the Lord help us identify, support and elect more true Christians as Governors, Senators and Congressmen.

* Please share GodVoter.com with your family, friends and church members via emails, blogs, social networking profiles, etc. (If incumbents or candidates are members of your church, their Christian testimonies will include links to your church website.)

Obama's Testimony