Indiana Vote

Indiana Vote

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Indiana voters will vote to replace Senator Evan Bayh, who has indicated that he will not seek re-election. In November, Indiana voters will also cast votes on all nine Congressional seats.

The terms of both Governor Mitch Daniels and Senator Richard Lugar end in 2012, when Governor Mitch Daniels will be term limited from seeking re-election.

Indiana Governor   Governor Mitch Daniels (R) 2012 *
Indiana Lieutenant Governor   Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman (R) 2012 *
    * Governor or Senator's re-election year
Indiana Senators   Senator Richard Lugar (R) 2012 *
Senator Evan Bayh (D) 2010 *
Indiana Representatives IN 01 Representative Pete Visclosky (D)
Mark Leyva (R)
  IN 02 Representative Joe Donnelly (D)
  IN 03 Representative Mark Souder (R)
  IN 04 Representative Steve Buyer (R)
  IN 05 Representative Dan Burton (R)
  IN 06 Representative Mike Pence (R)
  IN 07 Representative Andre Carson (D) 
  IN 08 Representative Brad Ellsworth (D)
  IN 09 Representative Baron Hill (D)