Georgia Vote

Georgia Vote

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Georgia voters will vote on all thirteen Georgia US Representatives in 2010. Georgia voters will also vote to keep or replace Senator Johnny Isakson and to replace Governor, Sonny Perdue, who is term-limited.

Of all incumbents and candidates listed below, the only Christian willing to testify about what Jesus has done for her is Dr. Deborah Honeycutt, MD, the Republican candidate who is running to unseat the Democratic Congressman David Scott. Below is Dr. Honeycutt's Christian testimony:

  Deborah Honeycutt Georgia Congress Deborah Honeycutt, MD
US House of Representatives
Georgia Congressional District 13
Personal (1-12)
Beliefs (13-20)
Platform (21-30)

Georgia Governor   Governor Sonny Perdue (R) 2010 * (term limit)
Georgia Lieutenant Governor   Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle (R) 2010 *
    * Governor or Senator's re-election year
Georgia Senators   Senator Johnny Isakson (R) 2010 *
    Senator Saxby Chambliss (R) 2014 *
Georgia Representatives GA 01 Representative Jack Kingston (R)
  GA 02 Representative Sanford Bishop Jr. (D)
  GA 03 Representative Lynn Westmoreland (R)
  GA 04 Representative Hank Johnson (D)
  GA 05 Representative John Lewis (D)
  GA 06 Representative Tom Price (R)
Bill Jones (D)  
  GA 07 Representative John Linder (R)
Doug Heckman (D) 
  GA 08 Representative Jim Marshall (D)
  GA 09 Representative Nathan Deal (R)
  GA 10 Representative Paul Broun, Jr (R)
  GA 11 Representative Phil Gingrey (R)
  GA 12 Representative John Barrow (D)
  GA 13 Deborah Honeycutt (R)  
Representative David Scott (D)